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Completed transactions

We focus on the full M&A process. All the projects we started found a new buyer or an investor. Check our customer success stories.


The process was challenging due to the involvement of financial investors in 4Swiss, in addition to our team. The primary challenge was to align the interests of all three parties. We were aware that an earn-out would be necessary, and that we would need to remain involved in the project.

The discussions were difficult, and in hindsight, it was highly beneficial to have Venturepackt acting as an intermediary. They facilitated the communication of interests between both parties and managed the process and emotions, which were crucial for the established model.

Consequently, after the transaction, we merged into a single entity that will operate under a new model for the foreseeable future. All parties agree that the transaction was a success.

Eliza i Marcin Pawełczyk

Founders of 4swiss.pl


The decision to sell our online store was challenging, but with the support of Venturepackt, the entire process proceeded exceptionally smoothly.

The team meticulously managed every detail, from valuation and investor search to the finalisation of the transaction. They ensured that the sale was conducted swiftly and efficiently.

We are highly impressed with their professionalism and wholeheartedly recommend Venturepackt’s services to anyone considering the sale of their e-business.

Mariola i Albert  Dabińscy

Founders of Triny.pl

Services offered

The Venturepackt team combines business and financial expertise with 20 years of experience in e-commerce and SaaS development. This enables us to effectively audit, value, present, and ultimately facilitate the purchase or sale of e-businesses.

Buy e-business

We advise on e-business acquisitions, assessing risks, developing merger models, searching for businesses, negotiating, and ensuring an efficient process.

Sell e-business

We assist in accurately valuing your business, identifying potential buyers, and reaching them effectively. Additionally, we negotiate and establish a connection model.

Evaluate e-business

In practice, we evaluated eight company valuation methods. For each transaction process, we individually select 2-3 methods based on the specific intentions of the parties involved.

M&A consultations

We help you understand your business's current state and assess its readiness for a transaction. We identify risks and assist in preparing for the merger.

Venturepackt partners

People are the strength of Venturepackt. In addition to strong specialization, we focused on cooperation with outstanding specialists in their fields. An experienced and well-coordinated team with an international background is our recipe for an effective process.
    CEO of a London based scale-up Search Performance Agency RobotZebra. Entrepreneur, consultant, and marketing mentor. He gained operational experience by scaling businesses primarily in the USA and UK. At Venturepackt, he oversees the London office and international projects, particularly in the UK.
      Investor and entrepreneur based in Hong Kong. He advises VC funds on investment analysis and monitoring. With a financial background, Mike oversees the office and projects in China and handles financial analyses at Venturepackt.
        M&A advisor with extensive experience in corporate law and IT/IP. He leads the M&A team at DSK Kancelaria. At Venturepackt, he participates in negotiations, develops the transaction's form and structure, and translates agreements into contract provisions.
          Experienced entrepreneur and investor, owner of JM-Investments. Specialises in implementing development projects using both equity capital and funds from private investors. At Venturepackt, he shares his expertise in arranging a new investment portfolio for founders post-exit.
            Owner of strive.pl and an experienced recruitment specialist in the TSL and e-commerce sectors. Patryk has extensive experience in Direct Search and Executive Search for C-level positions. At Venturepackt, he assists in assessing challenges, revenue and cost synergies, and competence gaps in the PMI process, as well as supporting the HR aspects of the merger process.

            They participated in our transactions

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            Venturepackt in numbers

            4 countries

            offices and team in the UK, Germany, Poland and China.


            closings. We completed all the cooperation we started with success.

            ~ 8

            mergers and acquisitions processes carried out annually in the E-commerce & SaaS segment


            million euros. The most common value of transactions in which we participate.

            About Venturepackt

            We are advisors specialising in M&A processes for e-commerce and SaaS companies with transaction values up to €10 million. In this niche market, there is a notable lack of publicly available knowledge, benchmarks, and best practices. Through our experience with specific transactions, we have developed a unique approach to data analysis, valuation methods, merger models, and conducting M&A processes. Our clients highly value this specialised expertise.

            During the M&A process, we act as a filter for emotions, providing a sense of calm, control, and most importantly, agency and effectiveness. We base our actions on facts and solid data, maintaining strong relationships with both parties to ensure a collaborative spirit post-merger.

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            M&A, E-commerce, SaaS knowledge base

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            Effective business sales presentation for an investor

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            Frequently Asked Questions

            It varies. We typically estimate up to 12 months for the process. Each transaction is unique; sometimes it’s beneficial to wait until the year ends to confirm results. Other times, it’s advantageous to wait until after a season when a strategic investor has capital surpluses and is preparing for the next year. There are also instances where the process can be completed in 2 months due to the need for quick recapitalization, although this requires certain compromises, assumptions, and alignment of intentions. On average, our M&A processes are completed within 5 months. Our shortest transaction took 2 months, while the longest took 8 months.

            There are many valuation methods available. Initially, we send a brief to understand the overall picture of the business, which helps us decide which valuation method to focus on. For each transaction, we select a valuation that is appropriate and realistic for the business. Most often, we use the replacement value, DCF, post-merger synergy effect, EBITDA multiplier, and the comparative method.

            In the next step, we send a set of several dozen in-depth questions. We need to understand the current state of the business, its diversification, competition, historical revenues, scaling potential, specific assets, sales structure, cost structure, and the potential buyer’s perspective on the defined assets.

            Contrary to appearances, the answer is not straightforward, but generally, we would say “No.” You can sell part of the shares to a VC fund to gain capital for development or exit, possibly at cost, if your intention is a hard exit. The key factors include scale, market validation, potential buyers, and the value it will bring to them. Therefore, there is always a chance, but the shorter the operating time and the smaller the business, the lower the real chance for an effective exit. At Venturepackt, we focus on selling businesses with a minimum valuation of 0.5 million euros.

            Yes, negotiation is a crucial aspect of the transaction. A key role of a transaction advisor is to manage emotions during negotiations. Our responsibility is to facilitate discussions on the merger model and terms in a manner that ensures both parties feel they have developed a strong model and are prepared for further cooperation during the post-merger integration (PMI) process.

            Our target businesses are valued between EUR 0.5 million and EUR 10 million, which is the range we most frequently operate within. While we do handle smaller or larger transactions, these are carefully vetted and verified by us. We look for additional advantages or differentiators that directly impact the potential success of the transaction.

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            We have simplified the assumptions to quickly and approximately determine the order of magnitude for the value of your e-business.